“Dear Men, Your Wife Doesn’t Need Your Permission To Take Financial Decision Regarding Her Money”- Instagram User

A Nigerian man identified with the Instagram handle Jisambo Abba has shared an important message to his fellow men about their wives finances as he says “Dear Men, Your Wife Doesn’t Need Your Permission To Take Financial Decision Regarding Her Money”

He, however, called the attention of men as he noted that their wives do not in any way need their permission on how they choose to spend their money. According to him, he states that a woman is at liberty to seek, buy /market houses, lands and also do other business agreements.

Moreso, he said that a wife might or not take some advice from her man, as he notes that she doesn’t need to do so, stating that she would have to do that on her terms and perhaps not his. He however said that most of the areas where these men show off their power are basically upon what the prophet or Allah seems to have has preached.

Furthermore, he stressed the fact that when a wife doesn’t seem to trust her husband, she is bound to keep away her financial dealings from him. In addition, he said that Men Ego and their thought of taking charge is actually what makes the woman financially secretive.

Moreso, he stated that he has come across a Muslim lady who got a car for herself perhaps with her money, and from that moment her hubby ceased providing feeding money at home.

In conclusion, he advised that men should stop having that ownership mentality and allow their wives the same rights also compete with their fellows just the way it is in the rest of the world as he noted that the progression of their women should bring happiness to them and not threats

Guys, what is your opinion on this? Thanks for reading, sharing, and following. Do you think the man is right or wrong for his statements?

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Photo Credit Instagram, Instablog9j

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