Possible Signs Ladies Give When They Want A Kiss

Guys, for you to be a good boyfriend, you need to pay attention to the body language of your woman. Ladies are not as complicated as you think. When they want something, they have signals that they give. A lady cannot just walk up to you and kiss you. It rarely happens. The best she can do is to give you signs and wait for you to act on the signals.

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In this article, we would take a look at some of the signs ladies give when they want a kiss. It is either they want to kiss you, or they want you to do it. Here are some of the signs: 

1. Their Eye Contact Becomes Intense

This kind of eye contact is intense and deliberate. When a lady looks at you with such concentration, she is letting you know that she is enjoying the whole moment with you. Intense eye contact is also a way she uses to ensure that you are paying attention to her.

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Once you get this opportunity, go ahead and ask her what she is thinking about. You can also focus your eyes on her and get closer to her.

2. Move closer to you

When a lady leaves her position and draws closer to your face, you might as well be lucky that day. This is one of the strongest signs that she wants to kiss you. She might not be bold enough to do it, but you can just draw her close and give her want she wants.

3. Puts her head on your shoulder

A lady that can put her head on your shoulders would not mind kissing you as well. This is a sign that she wants you to make a move.

Once you are presented with this opportunity, all you need do is to put your arm around her and turn your head to face her. Then go ahead and kiss her.

4. She starts acting shy

If all of a sudden your babe starts acting shy, it could be a sign that she wants a kiss. Once you notice this, pull her close and smile at her. After the smile, go ahead and kiss her.

5. She is comfortable with your touch

A lady that is very comfortable with your touch would not mind getting a kiss from you.

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Go straight to her lips and touch them as well. While touching her lips, try and maintain eye contact with her.

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